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Brake linings


 Its service life is more than twice of the brake linings at same price, and it is more than 5 times that of ordinary asbestos brake linings. The wear resistance is the best in the brake lining industry, and it can exceed 50% that of a famous original trailer. Under the bench test at 350°C ,the friction coefficient can reach more than 0.38, and the actual braking effect is outstanding.

Because of the special material, it can save more than 30% of the brake drum use than that of the general asbestos sheet, and save more than twice of the brake drum use than that of heavy metal brake linings that seriously damage the brake drum. 

In order to solve the long-standing contradiction between wear resistance of brake lining and the comfort of braking, our company introduced German technology, added carbon fiber, aramid fiber and various reinforcing materials to brake lining production. After years of research and development, we launched the defferent series of multi-dimensional composite brake linings.